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Coal Is:
Dal Dawn : Vocal / Acoustic Guitar
Logan Miller : Guitar
Brenton Nicholas : Drums
Dennis Matos : Bass

From York, Pa. Coal has always been a standout band in a Mid-Atlantic region. With a sound clearly
definded from their roots the band time and time again have impressed industry proffesionals.
They have defined themselves with with roots that show an Alternative era edge with that vintage Rock sound.
The bands stage performance has left them second to none on stages with local and national bands alike.
Singer Dal Dawn along with Logan Miller have crafted their sonuds out hours of tweaking and years of work.
Joined by Dennis Matos on bass the band has been impressive with the longevity of its craft.
Drummer, Brenton Nicholas,joins to give this band a strong backbone and bind these ideas to a groove.
Armed with several CD releases , experience live and in studio the band has been attacking the Mid-Atlantic and is out to show Rock and Roll is still going strong. The band has had several of their songs heard on local and national T.V. and radio, licened music to N.F.L. and M.L.B., sold CD's online and in big box stores. Against
all the odds, Coal, continues to grow and show up ready to take any stage and play.

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