Coal Is:
Dal - Vocals/Guitar
Mark - Guitar
Dalton - Guitar
Ben - Bass
Josh - Drums

Mid-Atlantic Alt-Rock band Coal and their 2022 EP release " Circus" hit the ground running in the aftermath of lock-down. As a complimented their full length 2019 release "Yes, Mistress" with big riffs and old school guitar magic the band stays a staple in Maryland /Pennsylvania music scene as they have for years. The hook oriented rock style along and lyrical vision had them nominated 2021 best Original Hard Rock Band in Central Pa. As well as one of the top 40 up and coming bands to watch by WBAL-TV in Baltimore and other local news media. The bands continued online media presence during lock-down featured a 4K-3D video release for their song "Lie in Wait" which in 6 months time eclipsed 20,000 views on YouTube.

Dal , Ben, Dalton, Mark and Josh have approached their efforts with an honest belief that the music market changes but to stay current you have to stay focused on what makes you , you.While many others chase the trends of music this band is true to their sound and the power of multi-cultural influences helps their sound stay grounded in what make their music powerful. Combining Modern Rock sounds with old school melody, Coal has forged their way headlong into a powerful sound that is tough to ignore. The band has never believed, to be current, you have to be a carbon copy of what is happening around you. So they manage to tread new ground and cover old ground at the same time. With their experiences and talents combined, the band has,with room to grow and explore many facets of music and many stages available to them.

Coal has had the pleasure of touring and playing with many Nationally recognized and local bands in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Opening for bands like Halestorm,Hinder, Evans Blue, Trapt, Blue October, Tantric and Puddle of Mudd has allowed new audiences to experience Coal and their brand of rock and their energetic live show. Coal was also accepted on to a USO Tour by Armed Forces Entertainment affording them an chance to play for and thank the troops abroad.

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