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2020 has been tough on everyone we are supporting one another and hoping to get back to shows soon.
We have been feverishly writing new material and putting on live acoustic shows and continuing to add content.
Take a look at our new live page and subscribe and occasionally we will bring you new Coal thoughts and Coal appearances.

. Our good friend Ben has taken over the bass duties he has been out with us on guitar and now he is laying down strong lines with the drums.
New to our scene is Dalton on Led guitar to bring his flavor of rock to our sounds.

. We have added a new 360 3D immersive video to our pages and YouTube. Please enjoy the additions, much more to come. . These new posts, for your consumption, are there for your enjoyment but please share with others help remind people we are still here. Nothing we have is off limits, we wanted you
to see why this effort was worth the time we spent on it and how we got here.

As tough as things may get we take our responsibility to bring you quality seriously so if something we do takes longer than expected its because you deserve the best.

. The New CD is on Tap on all electronic locations and get in touch with radio if you want to hear something.

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