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. Coal would like to welcome into the fold Juny Jun and Josh Freeburn. Juny , on guitar, is a friend and is taking up where Dal has left off
after his accident made playing guitar very difficult , but the show must gi on. After a transition period Josh is taking over the drum duties
keeping the band all locked down for the upcoming show dates.

. Coal has so many exciting new announcements you may just have to find some time to spend with us. We enter 2018 with a new CD, brand
new songs to add to bands live show and a dynamic new look to our Web Presence and many more annoucement Welcome, Enjoy and look around for ll the changes.

. We are putting together a show schedule like never before and all those dates will be made available as soon as we confirm them.

. We have posted for your consumption new music, videos , live footage, of our recordng efforts. Nothing is off limits, we wanted you
to see why this effort was worth the time we spent on it and how we got here.

. As some of you may know singer , Dal Dawn has taken his job with the band very seriously and in spite of all the issues he has been
still playing out and recording vocal track for the new CD. He has not let this hinder his work long term.

. The New CD is slated for release in January 2018 stay tuned for wheres and when you can get traks and downloads.

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